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We have a blog page that is informative as well as having fun activities to keep the kids busy.

Our store has a range of products that help kids relax and also products that can help create a calm environment.

We have a training program for those interested in being a Chill Skills for kids coach. You may want to run your own business or simply use it as a tool to compliment your existing professional practice, for more information please look under our workshops page.

Our Chill Skills for kids classes involve a range of fun activities to help kid’s learn how to relax and explore their imagination as they learn valuable life skills. This opens the possibility of greater achievement of their potential.

The kids are shown relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, gentle movement and simple visualisations. They listen to relaxing happy stories and their imagination and creativity is encouraged by fun art activities. For more information about our classes please click here.

Our Kids Chill Sessions are personalised sessions for the child, in which the parent and child learn a relaxation routine, for the child together. They receive a relaxation routine to do at home based on what works for the child. For more information please click here.

You may be interested in attending our ” How to Help Kids Relax” workshop.  This workshop offers parents, carers and professionals, the skills to create a relaxation routine for themselves and others. For more information please click here.

About the Path of Ccanberra expoalm founders and creators of the program Chill Skills for Kids, Lisa Hemmings & Allan O’Keefe

Allan and Lisa have been running “Chill Skills for Kids”  classes in rural Victoria for 4 years. A natural therapist, Lisa started teaching relaxation to adults ten years ago. Some of the parents from the classes asked Lisa to work with their children, she did and the results were wonderful, “The kids loved the stories and using their imagination to help them relax, they felt better and happier afterwards”. From those experiences and their training, Allan and Lisa consulted with experts and researched effective strategies to Medicare approvedcreate the relaxation program, “Chill Skills for Kids”. The program draws on evidence-based practices including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness,   Creative visualisations and systematic teaching of relaxation techniques.
“Using the valuable feedback from the kids and their parents we are always striving to ensure positive outcomes for the kids and their families”. “Helping kids connect to calm and confidence is our passion”.
Allan has Diplomas in Counselling & Community Services, He currently works as a counsellor with men and children and facilitates anger management groups for men.
Lisa has Diplomas in Counselling, Remedial Massage, Visual Art and Cert 1V in Aromatherapy and Business.

For information about our on-line training please click here

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