Welcome to Path of Calm, we hope you enjoy your visit and find this  website helpful.                 class photo stretch

We have a blog page that is informative as well as having fun activities to keep the kids busy and give you time to read our blog.

Our store has a range of products that you and your kids will enjoy. All of our products are designed to assist with feeling calm.

We have a training program for those interested in being a Chill Skills for     kids coach. You may want to run your own business or simply use it as a tool to compliment your existing professional practice, for more information please look under our teach page.

Our Chill Skills for kids classes involve a range of fun activities to help kid’s learn how to relax and explore their imagination as they learn valuable life skills. This opens the possibility of greater achievement of their potential.

The kids are shown relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, gentle movement and simple visualisations. They listen to relaxing happy stories and their imagination and creativity is encouraged by fun art activities.

With the use of activity journals the children also learn about creating positive self talk and acknowledging different emotions.

Above all, the classes are fun and enjoyable!

For more information about our classes please look under our classes page.

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